About Me

Non-biased, open to new perspectives, and an understanding that the world is not as simple as what we are told on TV and by our superiors. This is what I’m about, I like to live my own life and learn things that may be against the grain. Some may call this fringe, I think of it as following my own path. I believe that much of what we learn through life is incredibly biased, and I don’t consider anyone’s opinion on things higher than anyone else’s. This has led me through a very interesting life, full of interesting people, and I believe I’m heading towards fulfillment in this way.

My name is Dawn Milner, I was named after my grandmother who worked and campaigned for civil rights back in the 1960’s. She was a reasonable woman, who only wished for treatment by our governments and societies that was not based solely on gender. I believe she, and the countless other nameless women who worked together greatly improved the state of a civilization that was nearing the end of its dark ages. I never got the chance to meet her, but I’ve been told I take after her from looks and by my drive to educate and leave discrimination behind. I would not consider myself a feminist by today’s standards, but I’m sure if I was around in her time I would be.

Professionally, I went to college for nutrition but I never finished. I found it to be a pretty big waste of money, and I did not want to be burdened by debt for the rest of my life. Plus, much of what I was learning felt like only half-truths or sometimes outright lies that I was meant to perpetuate for the highest bidder. Since then, I’ve gone somewhat off the grid, I live on my own farm with a few friends and animals where we grow what we can to sustain ourselves and live simply. I guess you could call me a bit of a modern day hippy.

Hemp, in particular has always interested me. As it was one of the few plants that was actually discriminated against due to it being related to Cannabis. It always struck me odd, and it wasn’t very surprising to find out that much of the attitude against hemp stemmed from the greedy financial centers that have been consistently wrecking anything good in society since someone came up with the fantastic idea of cash and capitalism.

So that’s where I am. Talking about hemp, living my life, and ignoring what the rest of the world expects from me. Sure, some people think I’m just some dumb hippy-kid living a fantasy but what they don’t realize is I’m happy. Most people who make baseless criticisms are upset with their own lives and believe others should be just as miserable. I ignore them to. I hope to find other kindred spirits out there, but for now let’s all relax and enjoy life for a minute. OK?